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uCryptoWatcher is a Telegram Bot for watching the prices for any cryptocurrencies. It also sends automated notifications when the prices reach some desired value.

Ukubhala V2

Ukubhala (meaning "to write" in Zulu) is an online portal for maintaining daily journals, food, and health data. This is written using Angular, MySQL, Laravel, and Python.


First time I saw this clock in a video from one of my favorite YouTube channels named SmarterEveryDay. I instantly liked the idea and wished to buy one. Then I searched in Google and found thi...

Happy Feet

Happy Feet is the travel blog for Mangalika, my wife, who is a hobby photographer. This website contains engaging travel stories and beautiful photography. This is developed using WordPress CMS.

Mangalika's Website

This is the personal website for Mangalika, my wife, who is a hobby photographer. This website is completely hand-written using AngularJS, MySQL, and Laravel.


uWaiPi is a Time Drive Automatic Plant Watering System. It’s a simple system you can make which could help you forget the task of watering your plants daily. uWaiPi works on Raspberry Pi.


uWorkLog is a Windows application developed in C# for maintaining the work log. It can be used for tracking your efforts at home or office. The application has built-in features for showing st...


uAppLauncher is a JAVA-based application for creating shortcuts for launching an application or opening a file/folder. A floating icon can be placed anywhere on the screen so that the frequent...


uCramStrip is a JAVA based desktop application for displaying a list of words and their meanings as a strip on the screen. It can be used for increasing the vocabulary.


uSplitJoin is a simple desktop application written in Java. It can be used to split large files into smaller ones for sharing and then joining them back into the original files.