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Cyclists pass by through the Jubilee Bridge in the Marina Bay area, Singapore


Fuji 400 TMax on Canon AE-1 Program. At Merlion Park, Singapore


An attempt of handheld panning. Fuji 400 TMax film on Canon AE-1 Program. Shutter speed: 1/15sec.

Helix Bridge

Walkers and cyclists are seen crossing the Helix Bridge in the Marina Bay area in Singapore.

Into the Future

A kid is seen as he plays with the giant reflective globes in front of Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore


An old man is seen as he takes photos in the Promenade area in Singapore.

Give Way

The reflection of a kid is seen as he rides his scooter.


A cyclist is seen as she passes by.

Shadow Tales

A silhouetted couple walking beside a wall illuminated with the fall-evening sunlight.

Karst Mountains

Yangshuo, situated in the Chinese province of Guanxi, and its surrounding area is primarily known for its karst mountains as well as the ...