A collection of photographs of the 40 km bicycling race organized by Hyderabad Bicycling Club in January 2010.

On 9th January 2011 Sunday, Hyderabad Bicycling Club organized a 40 km bicycling race in Nehru Outer Ring Road, Hyderabad. The race started in the early morning and took almost 2 hours to finish. There were total 26 riders who participated in the competition. Below are the few glimpses from the same event.

A participant warms up in the morning before the race begins.

The grip of a bicycle at Nehru ORR in the morning of the 40 km bicycle race.

The 40 km race begins in the morning of 9th January 2011.

A cyclist is seen as the sun rises over the horizon.

Cyclists ride the 40 km long bicycle competition in Nehru Outer Ring Road.

The ride continues in a foggy winter morning.

A participant rides past the mid-point of the race.

Two participants cycle during the race.

A rider takes a U-turn as he passes the mid-point of the race.

A person waiting to cross the road as the bicycles pass by.

A rider casts a shadow as he passes by during the race.

A cyclist is seen through the rear-view mirror of a car.

The race continues in the Nehru ORR in Hyderabad.

The silhouette of a participant is seen as he rides during the race.

The participants are seen as they head towards the finishing point.

A participant waves his hand as he almost reaches the finish line.

A rider sprints with his bicycle to finish the race due to the flat tire of his bicycle.

A participant drinks water at the end of the race.

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