I also like to develop softwares, websites, and small IoT applications in free times. I generally use different programming languages like: Angular, Bootstrap, PHP, Laravel (for websites); Java, C#, Python (for desktop applications and IoT). My softwares and IoT application are open-source and can be used for free. If you happen to look for someone to build a website/software for you, do not hasitate to contact me.

 "uSplitJoin" is a simple desktop application written in Java. It can be used to split large files into smaller ones for sharing and then joining them back into the original files.


 "uCramStrip" is a JAVA based desktop application for displaying a list of words and their meanings as a strip on the screen. It can be used for increasing the vocabulary.


 "uAppLauncher" is a JAVA based application for creating shortcuts for launching an application, or opening a file/folder. A floating icon can be placed at anywhere in the screen so that the frequently used applications/files can be launched easily.


 This is the personal website for Mangalika, my wife, who is a hobby photographer. This website is completely hand-written using AngularJS, MySQL, and Laravel.

Mangalika Ghosh

 "uWorkLog" is a Windows application developed in C# for maintaining the work log. It can be used for tracking the efforts at work (or home).


 "uWaiPi" - Time Drive Automatic Plant Watering System is a simple IoT system which can be used to water plants. It is build using Raspberry Pi and can be controlled via email.


 "uJournal" is an online portal for maintaining daily journals. This is written using AngularJS, MySQL, and Laravel.


 "Happy Feet" is the travel blog for Mangalika. This is developed using Wordpress CMS.

Happy Feet

 "dreams..." is my personal website. This is the 4th generation of my website which is written using AngularJS, MySQL, and Laravel.


 "Ukubhala" is the latest version of "uJournal". It is an online portal for maintaining daily journals and health details. It also has the feature of adding and maintaining reminders. This is written using Angular 7, MySQL, Laravel, and Python.


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