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Hi there! Welcome to 'dreams...', my personal website. This is the place to showcase my photography, and other works. 'dreams...' is completely hand-written (except few open-source codes used). The whole website has been designed and developed by myself.

old dreams...

It was long back in 2007, when I first decided to build a personal website for me. But due to various reasons, I could not develop it at that time. Then after 2 years, in 2009, I again started working on designing and developing my website. It took two months to develop a very simple website. And then finally, in August 2009, my dream came true; I launched my website in internet. This old version can still be seen here.

In May 2010, I again decided to rework on my website and create something better. I had two options – 1. use any available CMS/templates (like Joomla, Wordpress, etc.), or 2. write the codes by myself. I chose the second option. In the past one year I have learned few web-technologies like PHP, AJAX, JQuery, MVC architecture, etc. So re-creating 'dreams...' was really fun and enjoyable. Apart from the public website, 'dreams...' has got an admin module, which is the admin-console for my website, designed and developed by me. The last two and half months have really been a nice experience. Coming late from office, have quick dinner, make one or two phone calls, and then start the most exciting part of the day... working on the 'dreams...'. And after a 80 man-hours of effort, it’s ready to be published.

The website has been developed and tested in IE 7+, Chrome 5, Firefox 3.5+; and works fine in these browsers. However, if you find any discrepancy/bug/issue while viewing the website, please spare a minute to drop me an email. I’ll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for visiting 'dreams...'.